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La Salvia, Nicaragua

Working with fishers to spearhead bycatch reduction of hawksbill turtles in lobster gillnet fisheries.

Located on the northwestern most coast of Nicaragua, La Salvia is an important foraging area for hawksbills. The large rocky reef off the coast of La Salvia is also a major lobster fishing ground, where one meter high gillnets are tended over rocks in search of lobster. Unfortunately these nets also result in the incidental capture and mortality of a high number of hawksbills. The project focuses on quantifying hawksbill bycatch and working with fishers to reduce interactions with the species. This project is run jointly with a similar project in El Maculis, El Salvador.


  • Document bycatch and mortality of hawksbill turtles at this critical foraging ground.
  • Gain a comprehensive understanding of these lobster gillnet fisheries to aid in identifying bycatch solutions.

Conservation strategies used by this project site:

Fisheries Bycatch Research/Reduction

Outreach and Education

Implementing Organization


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