Mangroves of Tumbes National Sanctuary, Peru

Capacity building with local park rangers and pioneering research in an important feeding ground for adult hawksbills.

Tumbes National Mangrove Sanctuary in Peru is a known foraging ground for post-nesting female hawksbill turtles and the importance of the area is beginning to emerge. EcOceanica is conducting studies on the presence of sea turtles and their threats in collaboration with key stakeholders. Upcoming work includes a visual census to better quantify populations.


  • Contribute to the conservation of sea turtle populations and their critical habitats northern Peru.
  • Obtain important biological and ecological parameters of sea turtles and evaluate their populations.
  • Analyze threats to turtles and their habitats in and around National Mangrove Sanctuary of Tumbes.
  • Generate and provide technical information to support and strengthen the management of marine turtles and their habitats.


Conservation strategies used by this project site:

In-water Monitoring

Outreach and Education

Exploratory Habitat Investigations

Protected Area Management

Implementing Organization

  • ecOceancia

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