Can I become a member of ICAPO?

Most ICAPO members work with hawksbill turtles in one form or another. If you meet this profile, you are welcome to contact us and ask to form a part of the network. All potential members are proposed to the entire ICAPO network and if current members approve, the proposed member is subsequently accepted.

What is ICAPO’s relationship to The Ocean Foundation?

ICAPO is fiscally sponsored by the Ocean Foundation. In this manner ICAPO has the administrative and legal backing of a multi-million dollar conservation organization. Learn more by visiting The Ocean Foundation’s Fiscal Sponsorship Page.

I have a question/information about hawksbill turtles or ICAPO, who can I contact?

You can contact one of the ICAPO members in your country or send an email directly to us at info@hawksbill.org

Does ICAPO run all the projects highlighted on its website?

ICAPO is a network with dynamic and ever-adapting collaborations with various individuals, organizations and projects. There are cases where ICAPO is directly in charge of the implementation of conservation projects, instances where ICAPO plays a supporting role in the design, oversight and fund-raising of projects, and occasions where ICAPO simply represents a regional link for the sharing of information on hawksbill turtles.

How can I help to save hawksbills and other sea turtles?

There are a variety of ways you can help save hawksbills and other sea turtles. Visit our Get Involved page for more details.

Are my donations to ICAPO tax deductible?

Yes. You will automatically receive a letter upon donating that states that your donation is tax deductible.

Is my volunteer payment to ICAPO tax deductible?

No. Because ICAPO will be providing volunteers with room and board, which is considered a service, volunteer payments are not tax deductible.

Is volunteering to save hawksbills in El Salvador and/or Nicaragua safe?

Yes. Our projects are based in small, isolated villages where crime is almost non-existent. We also take security measures to ensure our project stations are secure. If you have specific safety questions, please contact us at volunteers@hawksbill.org.