Our Team

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ICAPO manages a network of like-minded stakeholders that includes ICAPO and other hawksbill conservation organizations in the area, along with donors and volunteers. ICAPO’s regional contacts provide an internal and external communication link among its partners and for the network as a whole. This collaborative approach maximizes the scope and influence for hawksbill conservation and allows ICAPO itself to select its degree of involvement in each collaboration—encouraging engagement by the most effective and economically beneficial leaders.


Collaborative spirit reduces costs.

  • Collaborations with multiple organizations eliminates central offices, which otherwise would drain funding dollars.
  • Our designated professional staff is based primarily in Latin America where the cost of living is low.
  • Decision-making is streamlined facilitating swift action in applying funds to grassroots conservation efforts.
  • Field staff and volunteers empower local community groups with tools that lead to ecologically responsible and economically beneficial projects.

Collaborative action maximizes results.

Working with coastal community members, scientists and policy-makers throughout the region, the ICAPO team:

  • Shares information
  • Raises awareness
  • Forms alliances
  • Generates funding
  • Conducts research
  • Facilitates conservation efforts.