Hawksbill Cup

Team Bahía de Jiquilisco feels confident…but should they?

Team Bahia de Jiquilisco (pictured below) is feeling confident about their lead, but should they? During the first two Cups Team Bahia Jiquilisco got out to a quick start, but Team Estero Padre Ramos rallied a furious comeback on both occasions and secured the wins. Last year however, Team Bahia Jiquilisco was able to hold them off and take home the trophy for the first time in the Cup’s history. Will they be able to do it again or will Team Estero Padre Ramos take the trophy back to Nicaragua?!!! Updated scoreboard to be posted soon!




A historic night in Nicaragua

Hello everyone,

It is with great pleasure we share amazing news from Nicaragua, one of the most important sites for hawksbill nesting in the eastern Pacific Ocean. This season we began our sixth year of protection at these critical beaches. We share with you the below link where you can learn more about this work…a historic night for the hawksbill project in Estero Padre Ramos, during which a total of 11 hawksbills emerged from the ocean to visit the beaches!!!



Team Estero Padre Ramos


The 2015 Hawksbill Cup is officially underway!!!

The whistle has sounded, the players have taken the field, the 2015 Hawksbill Cup has begun! After winning the first two Cups,  Team EPR (Estero Padre Ramos from Nicaragua) lost to Team BJ (Bahia de Jiquilisco from El Salvador) in 2014. Who will take home the trophy this year? How many nests will be protected and hatchlings saved? How many local community members will engage in this intense competition? Check back often to keep up with all the drama!

And remember, while the two teams are competing, we are all ONE team!!!…helping to bring hawksbill turtles back from the brink of extinction.


An update on the Hawksbill Cup and the World Cup

Manglito, my favorite team was eliminated from the World Cup. They were crushed 7 to 1…but that’s the game, and the Cup goes on. I’ll feel better soon.

That’s right Feluco my friend. Here in our cup, the Hawksbill Cup, Bahia de Jiquilisco is beating Estero Padre Ramos 9 to 1. However, the competition still has a long way to go this year, only at the end will we know this year’s champion.