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Donations make it possible for us to conduct projects in the field and uplift poverty-stricken coastal community members with new livelihoods and ambitions. As a grassroots, nonprofit organization, we thrive on donations from people like you.

Your donation at any level goes directly to hawksbill conservation.

  • $25 conserves a juvenile hawksbill.
  • $50 Adopts a Nest and saves approximately 100 hawksbill hatchlings.
  • $65 Adopts a Hawksbill and protects an adult nesting hawksbill.
  • $75 supports a full hawksbill in-water monitoring session.
  • $100 removes 50 meters of deadly gillnets by supporting ICAPO’s research into sustainable fishing alternatives.
  • $250 supports a locally hired project staff member for a month.
  • $1,250 supports a local project staff member for a full season of conservation.
  • $2,500 allows us to build two hatcheries each season, where we protect hawksbill eggs and hatchlings.
  • $5,000 enables us to support local hawksbill egg protection staff for an entire season.
  • $10,000 helps us run hawksbill protection projects (staff, nest protection, turtle monitoring) for a full season.

Equipment Donation

ICAPO can put your new or used equipment to work for conservation. Desired equipment includes:

  • Laptops
  • GPS units
  • Cameras
  • Vehicles
  • Outboard engines
  • Boats

If you are interested in donating any of these items, please contact ICAPO’s Executive Director to coordinate shipment and tax-deductible letter of confirmation.

ICAPO is a project of The Ocean Foundation, a 501(c)(3) organization.

By becoming a monthly supporter of ICAPO, you are joining a community of people committed to saving the lives of hawksbills.
Thank you for your gift to ICAPO. By partnering with ICAPO, you are helping to support our efforts to recover one of the world's most endangered sea turtle populations.
You can adopt one of the limited number of nests (and its hatchlings!) we protect each year. Receive a personalized Certificate of Adoption and informational sheet with details of your adopted nest. Learn More >
You can adopt one of the last 500 nesting hawksbill sea turtles surviving in the Eastern Pacific Ocean. Receive a personalized Certificate of Adoption and informational sheet with details of your adopted Hawksbill. Learn More >