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Take a time-out to team up with researchers and fieldworkers and get close to nature in a vibrant community on the Pacific coast of the Americas. You will join a project site and experience the local culture while you make a hands-on contribution to hawksbill conservation. Volunteers say that the work makes a profound difference in their lives as they engage side-by-side with other volunteers and group members. The projects succeed because of people like you who discover the fulfillment of direct participation and the joy of vivid memories that last a lifetime.


Volunteers are crucial to the success of the hawksbill programs.

  • Acting as personnel to ensure optimal conservation efforts: patrolling for nests, protecting eggs and hatchlings, tagging and returning hawksbills to their habitat and more.
  • Generating funding that is essential to the project and local community members.
  • Raising local awareness about the need for hawksbill conservation.
  • Getting involved (optional) with local ecological and social projects that offer unique cultural and educational experiences.

Get up close and personal with turtles and teams.

  • Go on night beach patrols to encounter, measure and tag nesting hawksbill turtles and on early morning boat patrols to document hawksbill nesting that might have been missed during the previous night’s patrols.
  • Collect eggs for relocation to project hatcheries.
  • Monitor hatcheries for nest burial, temperature measurements, hatchling release and post-hatching nest excavations.
  • Use special turtle tangle-nets to carryout in-water monitoring of hawksbills in foraging hotspots.
  • Maintain the station house (sweeping, tidying, dishes when necessary).
  • Participate in mangrove restoration activities.
  • Interact with the community (optional): English lessons, environmental education, art programs, local tours and more.

Visit the volunteer sites:

Bahia Jiquilisco Biosphere Reserve –
El Salvador

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Estero Padre Ramos Natural Reserve – Nicaragua

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