Prices & Payment

We provide a unique and well-organized opportunity for volunteers to experience a truly amazing community-based sea turtle conservation project for an affordable price. However, the reality is that while volunteers provide an important boost to conservation efforts, management of a volunteer program requires substantial investments of time and effort (coordination, training, program marketing, etc.).

Furthermore, our conservation efforts require substantial amounts of funding and the volunteer program was specifically initiated to provide a sustainable source of income to support the program and local community members. Volunteer fees help cover core program costs, including local program staff, our egg incentive program, field equipment, boat fuel/maintenance, among other things. That being said, if you calculate the difference between traveling in these countries on your own and the costs of participating in our program, you’ll likely be surprised by how little the difference is.

We strongly believe that community members are necessary to ensure successful long-term sea turtle conservation efforts. Thus, we also prioritize generating funds to support local families and carryout activities in the surrounding communities (beach clean-ups, education classes, festivals, etc). By working closely with locals, many of whom depend on sea turtles for their livelihoods, we are able to harness their vast knowledge of hawksbills and maximize conservation efforts. Furthermore, by generating socio-economic alternatives for these stakeholders we convert many former turtle “poachers” into turtle heroes.

Participation Costs

1 week
2 weeks
3 weeks
4 weeks
Each additional week


What is included?

Your project fee are used to ensure you have a fantastic volunteer experience and cover:

  1. Pre-departure orientation.
  2. Three full meals a day (local dishes prepared by community staff).
  3. Accommodation (you´ll have a comfortable and safe place to stay).
  4. Training sessions on sea turtle biology and conservation by experienced staff.
  5. Support: In-country team & 24 hour emergency support

The experience of working in a foreign country and making a meaningful contribution to issues important to you, can invigorate your confidence in your own abilities. Likewise, participating in an ongoing conservation program can renew your faith in the capacity of people to work together to make a difference in their lives and their environment.

What is not included?

Program fees do not cover international travel or in-country transportation costs. However, ICAPO has travel assistance packages if you would like us to arrange your in-country travel and accommodations. Volunteers are expected to book their own international flights, but we urge you to contact us with any questions you may have.

Travel assistance packages

For a modest fee, we offer in-country travel packages that make your arrival and departure simple and more enjoyable.

For those with other travel plans or simply looking for a bit more adventure, contact us at and we can provide you with directions on getting to the project sites on your own. If you do decide to travel on your own, please be sure to arrive at the project site on the day you are scheduled!

Travel Packages Available


  • Airport pickup and transport to hotel upon arrival.
  • Transport from hotel to airport on day of departure.
  • NOTE: Volunteers will be expected to make their way to and from the project site on their own with this option.

Cost (US$):  100


  • Airport pickup and transport to hotel upon arrival.
  • Delivery from hotel to project site.
  • Pickup from project site on last day and transport to hotel.
  • Transport to airport on following day for departure.

Cost (US$):  320

Volunteer Payment Form

If you have not completed the Volunteer Sign-up Form, please do that first. Payment is only required after you have submitted the form and have been notified of your approval.