Alexander Tobón

  • Name: Alexander Tobón Lopez
  • Organization: Centro de Investigación para el Manejo Ambiental y el Desarrollo (CIMAD)
  • Country: Colombia
  • Occupation: Marine Biologist; Investigator (CIMAD)
  • Why I like being a member of ICAPO: I have always believed in the need for a regional perspective for conservation and how important it is to combine efforts to achieve it. In that sense, ICAPO offers the opportunity to communicate with other researchers and to exchange information on local efforts to achieve regional objectives. I have been fortunate to participate in several regional events and they have been very enriching, both personally and in regards to the work we are doing locally with sea turtles in Colombia.
  • Relevant link 1: CIMAD
  • Relevant link 2: Squalus
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