Catherine Hart

  • Name: Catherine Hart
  • Organization: Red Tortuguera, A.C. (RETO); University of Guadalajara, Mexico
  • Country: Mexico
  • Occupation: Coordinator of Red Tortuguera, A.C.; PhD Student - U de G
  • Why I like being a member of ICAPO: ICAPO has many similarities to our organization (RETO): it seeks to unite the efforts of people who are working to conserve sea turtles on a day to day basis. I think the communication between these people is key to saving wildlife, especially when the species is widespread and threatened with extinction. It is amazing to think that through its members, ICAPO is finding a "needle in a haystack", by locating the last hawksbills in the eastern Pacific and protecting them through work with with communities, while at the same time producing scientific research which can also help save the species. For me it is an honor to participate in this group, which, despite the territorial divisions created by man, is working cohesively to share information so that we can save hawksbill turtles in the eastern Pacific.
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