Hawksbill Cup Blog

  • An update on the Hawksbill Cup and the World Cup

    Hawksbill Cup - June 16, 2014

    Manglito, my favorite team was eliminated from the World Cup. They were crushed 7 to 1…but that’s the game, and the Cup goes on. I’ll feel better soon.

    That’s right Feluco my friend. Here in our cup, the Hawksbill Cup, Bahia de Jiquilisco is beating Estero Padre Ramos 9 to 1. However, the competition still has a long way to go this year, only at the end will we know this year’s champion.


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  • Scores through May 2014

    Hawksbill Cup - June 12, 2014

    Here are the conservation goals scored through May 31st, 2014. Team EPR began scoring, but Team BJ extended their lead! Team EPR is not put off however and is planning a major comeback, as they did last year to take the trophy. Will Team BJ be able to fend them off in 2014?, find out by staying tuned!!!


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  • First month of the competition

    Hawksbill Cup - April 28, 2014

    The month of April was all for Team BJ, who scored a flurry of goals to jump out to a big early lead. Beach patrollers, egg collectors, hatchery managers, community members, volunteers…we are all one team!!!…and we are ready for the competition.


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