Costa Careyes, Mexico

Hosting the most hawksbill nesting along the Mexican Pacific.

Located on the central Pacific Coast of Mexico, in the state of Jalisco, Costa Careyes is an important site for both nesting and foraging hawksbills. The area is composed of several small bays that combined can receive as many as 15 nests in a season. The project focuses on protecting these nests and ensuring hatchlings make it safely to the sea.


  • Monitor several separate beaches for nesting activity.
  • Protect important numbers of hawksbill nests.
  • Collect data on nesting females.


Maximum number of the eggs are protected and hatchlings are being produced.

  • More than five years of beach protection
  • Long term data being collecting
  • Conducting in-water and nesting beach research

ICAPO's Role with Implementing Organization

  • Communication with other organizations (information link)
  • Joint management (planning and implementation, reporting)
  • Technical advising (capacity-building, training, protocol/methodology development)


Conservation strategies used by this project site:

  • programs-nesting

    Nesting Beach Conservation

  • programs-water

    In-Water Monitoring

  • programs-outreach

    Outreach and Education

Allied Organizations