Piura, Lambayeque and Bahia de Sechura, Peru

Using a multi-pronged approach to learn about hawksbill habitat use and bycatch in artisanal fisheries in northern Peru.

The ProDelphinus programs that primarily interact with hawksbills are carried out on the northern coast of Peru. In this region hawksbills often get trapped in fishing nets as bycatch. They are also a target species in some cases. This combination of threats leads to  a considerable loss of individuals of this species. This summary describes the combination of two projects, the first of which seeks to identify habitat use by the species by installing satellite transmitters, as well as to determine priority areas for conservation and how these areas may overlap to fishing grounds. Secondly, ProDelphinus works with artisanal fishing operations to generate data on hawksbill bycatch. The results of this research is used to identify possible mitigation measures to reduce hawksbill bycatch. Both projects successfully engage fishers and thus commit these important stakeholders to the conservation of endangered marine species.


  • Identify times of the year where there is a greater abundance of hawksbills and the species’ overlap with fishing areas.
  • Work in partnership with other groups to promote the conservation of hawksbills, particularly in fishing communities.
  • Collect hawksbill bycatch data from artisanal fishing operations.
  • Use fisheries research results to define mitigation measures to reduce the incidental catch of hawksbills.


  • Identification of threats to hawksbill populations in the waters of ​​Peru.
  • Increase knowledge on hawksbill foraging habitats in the Southeast Pacific.
  • Identification of the Bay of Sechura as an important study area for hawksbills, and the identification of a fishing fleet that interacts with the species on a consistent basis.


Conservation strategies used by this project site:

Fisheries Bycatch Research/Reduction

In-water Monitoring

Exploratory Habitat Investigations

Outreach and Education

Implementing Organizations

ICAPO’s Role with Implementing Organization

  • Communication with other organizations (information link)
  • Access funding sources
  • Funding proposals
  • Joint management (planning and implementation, reporting)
  • Technical advising (capacity-building, training, protocol/methodology development)
  • Research and publications collaboration