Southern Rivas, Nicaragua

Paso Pacifico’s sea turtle program focuses on beaches and marine areas in the southern part of the municipality of San Juan del Sur, particularly within the La Flor Wildlife Reserve, where four species of sea turtles nest, including hawksbills.

Due to turtle egg poaching on these beaches by people looking to commercialize the eggs, Paso Pacifico maintains a protection program led by Community Rangers, consisting of community members committed to the conservation of turtles. The rangers patrol and protect the beaches twenty-four hours a day and gather data on nesting sea turtles, while also working to prevent poaching. Two turtle hatcheries, which are run by local women from the community, are used to protect nests. During the last five years we have been able to protect more than twelve hawksbill nests and equip three hawksbills with satellite transmitters, the results of which have been published in scientific journals.

We also carry out environmental education on issues related to marine and coastal conservation. Our efforts are made ​​possible by the participation and support of groups like, ICAPO, Los Cocos Maritime Park, Ministry of Environment, US Forest Service-International Institute for Tropical Forestry, the municipality of San Juan del Sur, Tiger Wood Fund, and the Noble Health and Environment Project.


  • Protection of hundreds of sea turtle nests and release of tens of thousands of hatchlings.
  • Generation of critical biological data for hawksbills and other sea turtles in the southern Pacific coast of Nicaragua.
  • A total of three hawksbills equipped with satellite tags.
  • Provision of sustainable economic alternatives to community members through direct employment and incentive programs.

Implementing Organizations

ICAPO's Role with Implementing Organization

  • Communication with other organizations (information link)
  • Access funding sources
  • Joint management (planning and implementation, reporting)
  • Technical advising (capacity-building, training, protocol/methodology development)
  • Research and publications collaboration


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